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Published on January 21st, 2014 | by LickIt


Elizabeth Starr’s Massive O-Cup Breasts Could Kill Her

43 year old porn star, Elizabeth Starr, went through enormous amount of surgeries to get to the O-cup breasts, but if she wants to live a normal life, should would need to reduce her breasts dramatically and that means another dose of surgeries and procedures and I can not even image how frustrating this can get. That could also mean loosing the career and all the fans, but on the other hand, she has tons of fans and if those are all real fans, she would keep them and so she would keep the career.
For The Sun (UK newspaper), Elizabeth Starr told that she has so much scar tissue in her breasts it is affecting the blood flow to the body and it could cause a fatal blood clot.
The future of this adult film actress is definitely uncertain and if she does not do something to that two monsters, she would need to stop acting.
She already went through 63 procedures to her right breast and is fighting to get the career going and of course her breasts, but she does not know if she could do it.

“I am a ticking time bomb because anything could happen to me, I am so scared.”- Elizabeth Starr

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