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Published on September 15th, 2017 | by LickIt


Deer Hunter Randi Fulfills Your Dirty Tug Job Fantasy


The moment Randi begins speaking, her warm and deep voice hits you with the first portion of pleasure. You cannot hold yourself back but stare at her natural beauty, her long brown hair and the small boobs peeking out occasionally. Nope, she is not wearing a bra just her hair is strategically placed over her tits. Clever.

At first, Randi is very shy and does not open up. However, the conversation slowly gets her loose and when it is time for the tug action, she is already relaxed and down to go to business. But first, Randi reveals that she is not the biggest fan of porn. Can you even imagine? It is hard to believe but that is the most honest truth. Some girls just aren’t watching porn, rather spend their time filming it and making the world a better place. Still, on those rare times when it does happen, the hottie likes watching other sexy ladies go down on themselves or another babe in an enticing girl-on-girl session. But aren’t we all enjoying a round of lesbian sex?

The introduction is over now, let’s get to the fun stuff. Slender brunette takes her flannel shirt off and her daisy dukes, leaving panties and long white socks on. You are already seduced and excited for Randi to take care of you and your phallus. By lubing up her hands, she begins sliding them up and down for a satisfying fist pump. She even approaches the cock with her lips for a kiss, however, she moves back what turns to be a fantastic tease.

Watching her jerking you off is a memorable moment which you will come back often later in your life. But only because of the fact Randi does the dong so well it explodes with a huge load of cum all over her chest. Doesn’t that feel pleasantly warm, Randi?

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  1. hank says:

    great scene, she knows how to stroke the pole

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