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Published on December 25th, 2017 | by LickIt


Cuddling After Sex Will Get You More Sex, Study says

This new Canadian research is saying that the more you are cuddling after having sex with your partner the better chances you have for the second run. Who out there is satisfied with having sex just once? OK, I hear no one is, so in this study, posted on the National Post, you will learn that you need to cuddle.
After sex is a very important part of sexual and relationship satisfaction.
Don’t be a lazy guy or a girl and fall asleep right after it. Take time, because cuddling is something that must not be missed in your relationship.
335 American participants took a thirty minutes long survey where they needed to fill blank spots with the duration of post sex affectionate behaviors, duration of foreplay and rate sexual satisfaction, relationship satisfaction and general affection.
Analysis of results said that those with longer post sex affection were reporting higher relationship satisfaction. You see, more cuddling means better relationship and more sex. Simple as that, but are you doing it?
If you are not, you better should start implementing it in your relationship.
The second study to prove that cuddling is important was 21 days long and included 101 couples. Over this period couples needed to complete a 10 minute survey, reporting daily relationship satisfaction. Sex days included post sex intimate talk, post sex kissing, post sex spooning and cuddling.
The survey reported that on days when people reported feeling more satisfied with their post sex more than they typically did across the study, they were more satisfied with their sex lives.

The more you are cuddling the more sex you’ll have!

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