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Published on December 20th, 2017 | by LickIt


Crystal Maidens For The Next Level RTS Sex Action

When you want an experience that is sexy just as much as it is fun, then you’re going to want Crystal Maidens. The game takes RTS to a whole new level and it does it with lots and lots of boobies. The artwork is amazing and you start getting rewarded with it so quickly that you will never want for nudity. As you set out on your adventure, make sure your boner is set to stun and fun will be yours. The audio is some of the best around and the story will keep you enthralled. This is an all-around great game that you are sure to enjoy multiple times.

You can tell that you are in for a good time the second you open the game page. You are greeted with a plethora of scantily clad hentai girls who are not afraid to go into battle in their panties. Naturally, they are all armed with various weapons that promise a lot of fun. The player is thrust into the world of Crystal Maidens after a shipwreck. The character who will be yours from now on opens his eyes without a clue as to where he is. He is greeted by a gorgeous stranger holding a ram’s skull battering ram and that’s when things get interesting.

She takes you through the training of the game, then you are free to play Crystal Maidens as you see fit. Upgrading your maidens is an important aspect of play, so it is naturally done through flirting. The more you flirt with your warrior girls, the better equipped to handle their business they will be. It should also be noted at this point that the more you upgrade them, the more naked they will be. With each flirt, you unlock a new part of their bare bodies. Once you have maxed out your flirting, you are free to romance them.

As you work your way through Crystal Maidens and follow battle campaigns you can increase your warriors’ affection for you. The more you win, the easier it is to romance them and get treated to the sex scenes. It is a really fun porn game that can keep you glued to the computer for hours. No matter what you have come for, whether it is hentai or fighting, you are treated to great versions of both. It is wonderfully drawn and the fighting is balanced really well. This is a game that is well worth your time and energy when you want to play something great.

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