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Published on September 1st, 2017 | by LickIt


Chloe White Teases With Her Round Butt And Strokes


Dudes and dudettes, Chloe White has something extraordinary ready for you. Are you prepared? Prepped to dive deep into her world and see the magical things happen? You should be dropping everything this very moment and go and see the level of stroking skills Chloe has. Those are at a high level, what will impress you and turn you into a loyal fan in an instant. OK, I should not be setting questions anymore ’cause right now, we are all ready and set for the big stroking action.

Young and blonde Chloe always takes to her advantage her almost bubble butt. She uses it for teasing and seducing folks around her. And she always succeeds at it. Getting other’s juices going has always been her thing. More over a giver than a receiver. She proves it all in this awesome cock milking video that will get that phallus filled with fresh blood and rock solid.

But where does that ass come from? It must be due to all that horseback riding Chloe does in her spare time. Just saying.

A girl who definitely likes to talk a lot, Chloe White, knows how to multi task. In this case, she tells you all about herself and then some while keeps on stroking the dong and bringing it closer to the ejaculation. Slowly and steadily, you balls fill with fresh semen, and when the time comes to fire it out, it is her small tits what you aim for.

In case you did not know, Chloe’s nipples are so sensitive, she gets hit with a pleasurable sensation only by getting them cum sprayed. Can a nipple really be so delicate? I wonder what happens when you bite those nipples. Hopefully, Chloe does not experience pain. You better ask first before you do something dumb.

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