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Birthday Fuck With Nicole Aniston And Johnny Castle

After watching this sexy birthday fuck scene with Nicole Aniston and Johnny Castle all men will become extremely jealous about Johnny. It was Johnny’s birthday and his girl, Nicole, surprises him with a nice, small and cute cake first. But that is not the main surprise she has for him.

Then she blindfolds him with a black bandanna and takes him outside to give him the present. At first, I thought she will take him to the room, where she will perform naughty things on him. This was a surprise. But it was even bigger surprise for Johnny Castle. The present he got from his gorgeous girl is not just a present, it is a freaking car and if I see correctly, it is a Marcedes Benz.

Oh, how happy he is! Not to mention, look at me, being behind the computer screen, and I am happy as fuck for him. But his birthday is not over yet. Lucky dude, Johnny, gets another treat. This treat is no other than his lovely Nicole Aniston surprising him with a hot birthday fuck. And you all thought this would be the primary present she prepped for him, didn’t you? Well, what can I say, Nicole is full of surprises. In and outside the sex action.

Now tell me guys, is not this a dream birthday? Getting a cake, having a sexy girl, getting a car and, last but definitely not least, ending the day with a nice fuck? I can pretty much say it is and even without the big car gift, I would remember a day like this forever and ever.

Are you having a birthday fuck every year?

All the girls out there who are reading ICanLickIt, don’t be cheap when your significant other has birthday. And I am not saying your should spend a ton of money. Just be creative. We man don’t need much to be happy and excited through the roof.

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One more Nicole porn video, you know, just because.

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