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Published on November 22nd, 2016 | by LickIt


Banglovers Takes You On A Bangable Adventure

It is time to bang your brains out with the help from our pals over at Banglovers. Well, what can I say, they sure do like to bang. Young, old, in a fetish way, gay, you name it, they bang it all, hence the name.
When you visit the site, you will immediately notice how clean everything looks. Props for the dark layout. From the top menu, you can quickly choose any of their popular categories and get access to your favorite pornstars and your preferred studios.
On the porn portal, you will find all sorts of pornography. From anal porn and teen action to fetish, compilation, amateur and MILF dirty movies. Whatever you may fancy, you will most likely find it on Banglovers. They cover even some really kinky material for all of you with the deepest and darkest fantasies out there. You see, I told you there is something for everyone.

When you click on a video, something quite special happens. At least I haven’t come across something similar yet, so again, props for that. Under the video player, you will get treated with several screen shots from the actual sex scene. The quality of the screens depends on the quality of the video. Not the best, however, it is something that not many out there are doing. Like I said, I believe this is the first time I see screens shots under the video player. Quite useful, I guess.

Bang your brains out with some bang porn on Banglovers

Moreover, the video auto-plays which I am not the biggest supporter of, but at least the volume is set to 50%. Imagine taking a quick peek at some hot porno action in public or at the job and the video surprises you with an auto play and hot fuck screams. An immediate portion of heat would probably hit your face, ending in a serious blushing situation.

All in all, make sure you give all their bang porn a go and let the dirty scenes get the juices going for you. You will not be disappointed.

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  1. Critosan says:

    Nice review for sure! Checked the site, it stands for the quality of service and seems like they really mean it

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