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Published on September 11th, 2017 | by LickIt


Attack On Moe H To Enhance Your Clicker Powers

Clicking games certainly have their place in the flashverse, but when you add gorgeous anime girls who happen to be showing more skin than you’ll find at your average nude beach, you get a fun experience in the form of Attack on Moe H. You get all of the typical clicking weapons at your disposal, such as leveling up the amount of damage that you deal with your blows and allies who do all of the fighting for you while you make a sandwich, but it all works out here to become extremely addictive.

It doesn’t hurt that your main goal is to capture enemy bosses and lock them up in what can only be explained as your personal sex dungeon. When you best these girls in combat, you’ll be able to visit them whenever you want. Try to bring them to orgasm through the power of your legendary clicks. It’s a fun way to spend your time. Trying to unlock each and every one will have you spending hours just clicking away and making sure that your levels are high enough to work efficiently and trap those evil sex friends for your own enjoyment.

hentai sex game attack on moe h

The game comes along with some great audio that you can listen to while you’re in your dungeon. It adds an additional level to the game’s enjoyment. Makes you feel like you’re sitting back and watching your favorite naughty hentai rather than desperately trying to save your pixelated land from the devious high resolution monsters who have invaded it looking for a new place to hang their massive hats and wander around in their bras and panties even though they have their windows open and anyone can see right into their homes. It’s a nice journey to take, but don’t get too comfortable with your allies.

attack on moe h clicker sex game

The thing to remember as you go into this browser game is that there’s a little bit of a twist. Although it may seem like an idle game, if you play it like that, then you’ll fail. The bosses here can hurt you and send you all of the way back to the beginning. You have to keep your eyes open because your allies won’t be able to take them out before they drain your entire health bar. These are battles that you have to fight and that just keeps you focused on your mission. Are you ready for the attack?

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