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Ariana Marie’s First Anal Sex With Mick Blue For TUSHY

First anal for Ariana Marie is pure gold.

It would be a dream come true for beautiful brunette, Ariana Marie, to work for a PR firm, full-time. Only the thought of going back stage at all the cool events, hanging out with celebrities and making impact on people’s lives is an exciting feeling for Marie.
Being an intern at Mr. Kruger’s (Mick Blue) firm for a few months, working her ass off, an opportunity finally arises to get a full-time job. However, there’s only one position open and it’s Becca who’s also competing for the spot. The thing is, Becca is being a real bitch about it, taking credit for Ariana Marie’s hard work.
When luck is finally on Ariana’s side, she goes all in to make sure she gets the open position.
This one day, Mick decides to continue with work from home but the moment he gets to his place, he realizes he forgot his laptop. Luckily, it’s Ariana who answers the phone and off to his place she rushes. It’s now or never! Marie needs to let Mick know how badly she wants the position. In the most effective way possible! Does this mean with her asshole? Might be.

Beautiful brunette Ariana Marie experiences her very first anal sex.

Sadly, Mick is not really interested in talking about the work. Little does he know that it’s not really in Ariana’s intent to explain him why she deserves the spot with words, rather showing him. Now she gets Mick’s full attention.
The moment she approaches him and lets her hand freely roam across his body and down to his cock, Mick is seduced a ready to learn how motivated Ariana Marie is for this job. It’s all pure dedication. Having such beauty offering him her complete body, Mick quickly forgets about the work and starts enjoying her soft lips, moist tongue and slender body.
Being like a young horny couple, Ariana and Mick bring heat to their foreplay in no time. They get rid of their clothes, Ariana Marie kneels down and starts pleasing Mick’s already hard cock. When moving upstairs to the bedroom, they make several stops along the staircase so they both get a taste of each other. They just cannot wait!
Finally on the bed, Ariana offers a few more blows, to lube his dong with a coating of saliva, before he enters her pussy and starts fucking her intensely. But it’s not really her twat what Mick wants. It’s her ASS. Knowing she’s still an anal virgin, it excites him to be the one who will pop her back door cherry.
Mick slowly and gently warms up Ariana Marie’s butthole. First with his tongue and then with his index finger. Being aroused as ever, Marie starts craving cock inside her stinky and that’s exactly what she is about to receive. He eases his dick in her asshole and begins to increase the pace gradually.
Releasing cute and adorable love sounds, Ariana is as open as ever and begins to benefit from the penetration she has not received before. And skilled boss, Mick, is happy to make her first anal sex an amazing experience she will never forget.
Tightly wrapping around his woody, while he rubs her anal walls, Ariana Marie receives all the thrill by enjoying her very first anal fuck.

So, did Ariana land the job? Come on Mick, she’s a natural, of course you’ll hire her and not the annoying Becca.


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